Thursday, 26 November 2015

How To Choose Between Two Things.

I know it sounds weird, but sometimes eeny - meany - miney- Mo doesn't work. Here are some easy instructions on how to do this. 1) The lowest of the low. Yep. That is of course, the eeny meany miney mo. Not very helpful since I said this is bad. 2) Flip a coin. So effective and simple. Choose which is tails or heads. Flip. Whoever wins, wins. 3) Which is which? Get a friend to put one behind their hand and choose their favourite. If too big, just write the names on paper. 4) Get a friend. Just get a friend to choose. Simple. 5) Random number generator. Number each item with a specific number. There are a lot of sites on the internet that choose randomly. 6) What about both? If you can't choose, just choose both. If only one is allowed, use one of the above. So what do you think? Make sure to use these every time something requires you to choose. Hope I helped!

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