Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to make an effective PowerPoint!

To make a good PowerPoint: 1) Add Colour To make your PowerPoint better add colour. You can do it by choosing one from the start menu or by choosing one in the 'Design' section. 2) Add Animation Add this in from the 'Animation' section. There are a variety of effects you can use to make your PowerPoint better and if you want a slideshow transition from one slide to the other, you go to the 'Transition' section 3)Don't Put A Lot of Information Into One Slide This makes the PowerPoint long and tedious. Keep the amount of words per slide to a minimum. This makes a PowerPoint better by each click. 4) Add Pictures Pictures can sometimes say things better than words. Adding pictures or clip-art is a good idea. Have fun with my PowerPoint tips!

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